I created Fierce Intentions as a way to unite people through sacred art, performance, ritual and body work.   I believe in freedom of expression, acceptance of people as they are, and supporting all beings. I have been led on a journey that has brought me joy, terrified me, and blessed me beyond anything I could imagine.  As an artist and a healer, my intention is to challenge people to open up to other ways of being in hope that they are guided towards spiritual transformation as I have been. – Diamond

Entertainer. Healer. Creator. Magic.


Tribal Entertainment

Fierce Intentions produces  events with a diverse collection of performance artists, interactive entertainment, ritual, and body work.


Dream Catchers, Feather Hair Clips, Sage Wands, Medicine Bags and other Sacred Ritual tools, are made with both artistry, intention and intuitive sense.

Forest Of Dreams

I have created a way of using natural elements of  the land to create lasting Sacred Space as well as ritual-specific Sacred Space.


Spiritual Healer

My approach to Body Work is to treat your body, mind and spirit. Before each session we will talk so I can assess your needs.

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