About Our Team

Fierce Intentions produces events with a diverse collection of performance artists, interactive entertainment, ritual, and body work.  Though commonly know as “Tribal Entertainment,” Fierce Intentions takes things beyond entertainment by including the sacred as part of everything we do.
We are able to book your event or create one for you. Our performance artists  include Drag Queens, Aerialists, Snake Dancers, Burlesque, Fire Spinners, Suspension Artists, Singers, Dancers and more. We also offer healing body work, crystal energy work, and various readings. We can arrange events of all sizes, from a few hours to a few days.

Full Moon Celebration

Celebrating the energy of a full moon.
Through creation, performance art, entertainment and sacred medicine work.  Brining people together with elements creatures and herbal remedies.  Customize the experience to rhyme with the moon cycle.

Tribal Entertainment

Custom Shows 
Creating individual shows that allow multiple entertainment groups to collaborate.  To create extreme visual productions for any occasion.

Festival Showcase

Independant Artistry
Privately contracting individuals that challenge the system and blur the lines of gender diversity these shows are made to challenge an audience into thinking whats possible not whats already there.  Each showcase can be customized into any type of theme with any type of performance including large group productions as well as individual.


Many of our productions support up and coming artists as well as give back to various causes in need.


Products used in art are up-cycled, recycled or found.  Feathers that have come from birds have been molted or found in the wild.


Intuitive healing is created within the natural healing realms.  Most of this work is done based on feeling and consolation with the client. Often crystals shells and feathers are used to dispel dis-ease, darkness and physical pain from the body.


Traveling production that can be booked and delivered anywhere around the world.

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